Our Best Selling Aromatherapy Inspiration Pop Jar Candles are Heavenly and can make a candle lover's heart melt ! The are unique and produced just for us @hammock.boutique in the UK. They are ethically sourced and hand-poured with plant wax Candles in a thick pop jar with bamboo lid, perfect for upcycle!

The 'INSPIRATION' Pop Jar is a hand pour of 650ml with a special essential oil blend pour, ready to blow your mind activate your senses! Our Wicks are from 100% Cotton so you can burn toxic free, and use the bamboo cover to secure for your next burn.

The essential oil blend of Neroli, Sweet Orange, Lavender, Lavandin, and Rosemary is trully inspiring and stimulating !

Judging from the feedback we have received over the years, it is the perfect candle for Artists, Musicians, Writers , Designers, Creative Souls and all Natural Candle Lovers. It is the perfect candle for creative Aromatherapy moments at Home!

Aromatherapy Effect : Stimulant, Inspiring



🕎650 ML / 80 HRS Burn Time


🌸Massage Candle


🌸Pregnancy & Kid Friendly

🌸Paraben Free

🌸Paraffin Free

🌸Petroleum Free

🌸Upcycle Product

INSPIRATION Aromatherapy Candle