A unique stand for your incense sticks or aromatic burning cones ( check our own collection of handmade cones and sticks from Thailand) The symbolic meaning of iguana, overwhelmingly, deals with enjoying the simple things in life. The iguana is a reminder to take time to enjoy the sunshine, take a nap or relish your favorite food. Iguanas are chill and very symbolic! The most notable symbolic meaning of iguana, is contentment. Where some folks might see a lazy lizard lounging, the case is a contemplative creature expressing infinite acceptance and contentment .  They teach you that there is no hurry in their world. Everything comes in due time. They are okay with simply being. 


Dimensions: Height: 33.5cm  /  Width: 9.5cm  /  Length: 11cm

Material:  Teak Wood Ash / Wood

Iguana Cone/Incense Stick Stand

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  • No returns accepted as these are handmade & unique (not mass produced) and as shown in images & descriptions :)