Our Incense sticks are the finest quality incense in the market. Incense has been used for countless years in many different cultures for important, ritualistic, and traditional events; in fact, it’s one of the most widely used ceremonial tradition ever created. Our collection is made especially for us in the UK with the finest quality essential oils and fragrance oils for your home relaxation, rituals, inspiration, meditation and other sensory moments at home.


Get lost in the world of the senses and natural aromas with our vast selection of different aroma blends. Choose the aromas you are drawn to in 10's and create your own home collection, or a custom collection gift to a special person. If you want your sticks to be mixed up or arranged as a gift, please leave a message with your order describing your request and we will reach out if we need more information.



Size: 11" / 27.9 cm



Carefully packed in 10's with aroma sticker tags to differenciate aromas. Packed in craft paper, cotton bag or plastic bag. 

Handmade Incense Sticks (10 sticks)

Aroma & Colour