Hammock Boutique Store is an extension of Hammock Wellness Centre. Beyond our holistic services at the Hammock, our store embodies wellness & mindfulness at all other aspects of life. This embodiment takes place with ethically sourced & unique products, natural cosmetics, local & Asian art & crafts, healthy technology, wellness equipment and much more...

Who are we?

 We are a couple from Limassol, located in the beautiful island of Cyprus ! You may know me, Elina, as the owner of Hammock Wellness Centre, a Massage Therapist and Thai Massage Teacher. Something you might not know is that I have a BA in Fine Arts, thus creativity and authenticity is a big part of me. Hammock Boutique has always been in my plans, but this project expanded and came to fruition through my adventures with my other half, Stefanos.


The way my ideas crossed his path?  Well, while traveling Asia of course!

I have been visiting Thailand for my education as a Massage Teacher and Therapist for years.. When we met he came along and we began discovering Asia together and handpicking unique products became our best hobby.  Our Hammockcare brand products are made just for us by the best producers both abroad and locally, and most label designs by Stefanos. 


 The establishment of Hammock Online Boutique Store aims to level up the efficiency of your purchase experience and give you the best tools to take home for a more natural, interesting, mindful and therapeutic lifestyle!

Our Philosophy?

Our Philosophy is to introduce you to the things we love with love. We are both self-employed and this is our side project, hence it is important for you to know that Hammock Boutique is a genuine effort for ethically sourced, useful and wellness products.

We fight against "mainstream" and "fashionable" products daily. Creativity and intuition is genuine and healthy, it's not a one-off sale.

What about our social aim?

It's simple.

To bring back trust in our culture as well as knowing where to purchase what.

Professionalism today is a rare find. It used to mean that the ethical bond between a buyer and a seller was unbreakable. Nowadays it's all about profit and lack of ethics. People these days fall for what influencers have to say or for Youtube videos about what is what. Doing your research is way more than that! 

Let's change that!

Living in a world where people look for the fast fix or the good looks, we do feel the need to fight it with love, art, and creativity !

Elina & Stefanos